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Vos Investment Groep BV
Vos Investment Groep BV
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Top 10 climber PropertyNL
The PropertyNL list of Top-101-real-estate-investors for the year 2009 was published in august 2010. In this ranking list there are some noticeable newcomers worth to be mentioned, so as the Vos Investment Groep N.V.

The company even ranks among the Top-15-climbers as a result of an increase of 15 per cent of the firm´s portfolio compared with the year 2008. In the field Top-15-total-profit, the firm places third with 9,5 per cent.
(d)Actilus Breda
Wel deserved 2nd place
Top 10 climber PropertyNL
The Mille Miglia 2010
Just added to our German portfolio 6 new Netto Markets in Niedersachsen.
Interview about 25 years success in business