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Vos Investment Groep BV
Vos Investment Groep BV
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About us

Our main activity consists of investing in real estate, primarily in the Netherlands and in Germany. For both countries we have separate legal entities as well as separate offices. We invest in a wider scale of real estate categories with a focus on apartments and offices in the Netherlands and supermarkets in Germany. In both countries we operate with a proven record of success and we are considered a reliable partner.

Vos Investment Groep NV is not a fund but it is fully privately owned.

Along with regular real estate investment Vos Investment Groep NV has a track record in developing more special projects in the Netherlands as well as in Germany.

Vos Investment Groep NV is a dynamic company with a hands-on mentality. Each Euro that we invest is derived from private means and thus needs to be re-earned. As a result of this, we are a strongly cash-flow oriented company. All properties that we acquire must meet our strict risk/return demands.

The board of directors of our company consists of L.H.L. Vos (55), the owner of the company.
Mr. Vos graduated at the High School for Economics and Administration (HEAO) of Sittard in 1982. He started his business 25 years ago and is now the owner of a substantial portfolio in the Netherlands and Germany. Furthermore, our company consists of another 12 employees in the head office in Maastricht plus 3 employees residing in Germany who are responsible for our property management.

Vos Investment Groep NV primarily invests in apartments, office buildings and retail. Our investments are divided into approximately 20% for the Netherlands and about 80% for Germany.

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