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Vos Investment Groep BV
Vos Investment Groep BV
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The Vos Investment Groep NV

The Vos Investment Groep NV is fully privately owned and invests almost exclusively in real estate. At the moment 80% of our portfolio consists of real estate in Germany and 20% in Holland.

Vos Investment Groep has been able to build an extended and valuable network of professionals in both Germany and Holland. We work on the basis of mutual trust. Long-lasting personal relations still remain an important issue to us.

That said, our main focus when making investment decisions is on direct return of any investment in combination with the future potential of the location, the real estate and its lessees. This cash flow driven strategy means that the real estate and its future potential always are the starting point of any investment decision and  that we are not seeing real estate as a rather financial instrument only.


From the beginning, 25 years ago, Vos Investment Groep has steadily built a solid portfolio all over Holland. All real estate categories (residential, office and retail) have been invested in. Nowadays, we have a restrictive focus on monuments and/or locations with a high potential on redevelopment.


Since about 4 years the greater part of our available investment instruments has been shifted to Germany. The basis for this shift has been the profitable relation between risk and return and the possibility to implement the direct return strategy on good real estate with strong tenants. The result has been an immense increase of our portfolio in Germany. Basically, we either invest in the long term contracts of more than 10 years for stable cash flow or in short contracts up to 5 years with superior cash flow performance; when we believe in the location, the real estate and the tenant. This way, higher volume has gone hand in hand with higher positive cash flow. Because of  this mix of different lengths in lease contracts, properties that are easy to handle, reliable tenants and a good geographical spread of our investments over multiple projects our cash flow is well protected from sudden sharp decreases of lease income. Our investments are extremely diversified in this way.

In general, our investments are long term. An exit, for which we would decide the timing ourselves, is possible but not necessary. Our preference remains on supermarkets since, from our point of view, they even remain steady in periods of recession. Besides, companies as Edeka, Rewe, Lidl and Aldi are almost a guarantee for continuous payment.

Most of our projects are bought directly from private owners. This procedure requires more time and patience compared to buying from the traditional institutions but on the other hand it gives us the opportunity to have an optimal price/quality relation. Our main focus remains on long length lease contracts. Incidentally we also invest in short term contracts from 3 to 5 years if there is a good relation between location and renter.

We invest in both East Germany "neue Bundesländer" and West Germany "alte Bundesländer". Our properties are located in both the bigger cities as well as in villages with a minimum support area of 5000 habitants. Our property management is done by our own specialized team.

Thanks to our strong focus on German supermarkets and the fact that we have been dealing with them intensively for more than 14 years, we have created our own "niche" and specialism in this market which has given us a head start to all other parties that operate on this market.

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